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Silicone rubber potting compound for led


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Silicone rubber potting compound

Model: 9055#
Brand: Hong ye silicone rubber
Origin: Made In China
Price: USD $ 12 / pc
Min. Order 50 pcs

Product Description

Silicone rubber for Potting compound silicone rubber is mainly suitable for bonded seal of electronic components, power module and control module, which requires waterproof and insulation , LED screen, Wind Power Generator, PCB substrate, etc.
Features: Silicone rubber for potting compound for led is a kind of low viscosity, Inherent flame resistance, two components addtion cured potting silicone with heat-conducting.
Advantage: Silicone rubber potting compound for led with both on room temperature and heated temperature. It has the feature of the higher temperature the faster of the curing time.
1). Pls put part A and part B in separate container and stir evenly before mixing the two part together.
2). Weight Ratio: part A: part B = 1:1
3). Deaeration the mixture in vacuum pump under 0.08 MPa for 3-5 minutes.
4). The temperature influences the curing time of HY-9060#. When in too low temperature, we suggest customers appropriately heat the mixture to accelerate vulcanization. Suggested operation time and temperature.
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