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Hubei Nanxing Polymer Additives Co, Ltd


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En-Door Polymer Additives Co.Ltd, formerly named “Nanxing”was founded in 1987. The company is one of the largest manufacturers in China that specializes in researching, developing and manufacturing of PVC auxiliary, including PVC heat stabilizers, PVC processing aids, PVC impact modifiers and PVC lubricants etc.
En-Door has more than 2500 employees, including two RD centers with 156 people. It is located in the city of Yichang near the Three Gorges Dam, and it is a half an hour drive from the Yichang Airport to our factory.
Within more than 20 years of fast development, we have been given many awards such as “the State Scientific Technical Achievement Award” and “Consumers Satisfying Products”by the government.

1987.11——Foundation of Chemical General Factory Nanxing Hubei.
Technical cooperation with Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry for Methyl Tin.
1996.12——Achievement of 2000 tonsyear capacity.
Certification of Non-toxic(Methyl Tin Mercaptide) for pharmaceutical and food package by GB9685-94.
1998.8——Obtained ISO9001 certificate.
Nominated for superior technical company by Hubei Science Technology Dept.
2002.2——Achievement of 5000 tonsyear capacity of Methyl Tin Mercaptide.
Started to export, established favorable relationship with overseas companies.
2003.9——Obtained ISO9001: 2000 certificate.
Designated as the credit Grade “A” corporation by the bank of China.
2004.8——Purchased the Plastic Auxiliary Factory Hangzhou Zhejiang Province.
2004.12——Foundation of Hubei Nanxing Polymer Additives Co., Ltd. with five factories, two research centers and Yichang Huaqi trading Co.,Ltd.
2009.3——Foundation of our Hong Kong branch Prominent Future Development Limited.
2010.10——Renamed the company as En-Door Polymer Additives Co.Ltd.

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