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Hongkong Sky Trade Co, Ltd


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International Business Platform for Global Online Trade,a subsidiary of Hongkong Sky Trade Co., Ltd is a professional service platform for international online trade mainly concluding business such as retail, wholesale and OEM production for shoes, clothes, suitcase, jewelry and electronic products, etc., and concerning brands such as Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Puma, BAPE, LV, UGG, COACH, GUCCI, DG, CHANEL, AF, SONY, APPLE, NOKIA–

Hongkong Sky Trade Co., Ltd owns 8 trans-industrial professional plants in certain scale, as well as over 130 cooperated manufacturers all over China, among which there are plentiful fixed consigned Chinese manufacturers for worldwide famous brand.

With over eight years of trade experience and a great number of fixed customer group, we persevered in concept of operation and service as °top-grade material, refined manufacturing, stable quality, prompt delivery . so that our products are sold far away to countries and areas such as Euro-America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, etc.

Hongkong Sky Trade Co., Ltd makes faithful cooperation with you with its professional service and top-grade quality.

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